Leela’s Lollipop

So back to the 42, now known as Leela’s Lollipop.

Takes a lot of licking but it’s really worth it!
So my gift was an invitation. To stop, think, reflect and maybe review. The purpose being to come up with 42 things. 

So one really really BIG challenge 😉 

What 42 things? (Yes there is a link to a certain hitchhiker and the answer or meaning of life)

It’s not easy. 

We’re not talking bucket list here. 

Here’s the one who’s responsible for all this! Thanks Leela!

So as with any journey. Where are we going? What do we need? How do we get there? (Manageable steps!)

For me it wasn’t just about thinking of things to do that I would value or choose to fit in, in what remains of my life.  That’s of course, important, it’s also about realising things I’ve done. Maybe that I’m proud of or even that I might have done differently. 

So ….

…it’s about appreciation and learning about oneself, one’s impact and about others that are part of who we are.  

….it’s a list of everything that’s important. People who are part of my life, things I’ve done that I’m proud of that may have made a difference to me and to others, combined with things I haven’t yet done, happenings I wish to create, relationships to nurture, differences to make.

…. it’s about identity, purpose, value and fun

…. it’s what I decide

What do you think Leela? Is this the track you imagined it taking? 

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