Marriage woes

Ok. So you’ve got the gist of the story. Manjula’s friends daughter is looking for a husband. The broker has now found maybe six or seven potential husbands. Non have been suitable, they’ve rejected her usually down to the fact her parents don’t have a lot of money. They’ve been bank managers (she’s one) or equivalent. 

Well the latest guy is up for it, works in a bank and his parents are well off. Will it work? 

Seems not. 

Our good friends Diana and Florian has a love marriage this year. I’m beginning to wonder if that is a little easier

She worries that his job is too lowly within the bank which could prove an embarrassment in social situations. How will this ever be resolved? 

I wonder what incentive scheme the broker is working on. Does he have targets! Does he get paid per intro or for a successful union? Whatever, it’s a minefield!

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