New thing for Memory of Manjula

Please turn away now if you are of a nervous disposition. Alternatively you may wish not to visit our story site if you faint at the sight of blood or have strong feelings about body ‘art’.

Queen of the night, Brahma Kamal
Jasmin garland

Jasmin that grows on our terrace

Yes, that’s right. Old man gets marked again. They all have significance. Grand revealing next week!

They are Flowers that Manjula loved and celebrated.

Manjula would rush in with the beautiful smelling Jasmin fresh from our roof terrace or excitedly predict which night the Queen (check here for more info) also known in India as Brahma Kamal, would break out.

From a young age and when she first started working for me (yes SHE WAS Originally the maid) Manjula would tie garlands of Jasmin for sale by the roadsides.

Stephen with the artist the FourthCup aka Vanessa in Vancouver helping recognise fond memories

Ol, one of my wonderful sons with Hibiscus and Marigold a little example of our India flowers to leave behind in Vancouver