A fitting end to

a wonderful few days

It’s raining and pouring, thunder and lightening, most have left — the remaining fragment of Kaveri, Sowbaghya, Rhadika, SB Naveen Ks, Stephen and Lucie — are here for one more night.

Finding our space

The holiday was a thank you from MAnjula and I

We just had to build castles as it’s such a strong English tradition

It was a real joy spending time with good friends who are all so interesting and different.

Great food
Local friends like Shabaz
Families coming together
Making new friends
Chera Rocks guard dog.
Directors of Manjula’s Mysore being monitored
I’d already spent 30 mins on Kaveri’s hair and Sowbaghya had to finish the job. How do you girls manage?
Bringing in the catch
Lucie becomes communist, she explains that vegetarianism is a step too far.

The famous five have expanded and are in Kerala.

Three separate vehicles travelled from in and around Mysore to Kannur

Our roles began to evolve within the first few hours.

Shafi drove our group.

We’re at Chera Rocks, a great venue so let’s discover the sea.

A visit to Kannur

I’m sitting with Lucie in our room, at Chera Rocks, which opens directly onto the beach.

It’s been another hot day which cools slightly as we pass 4 0’clock.

We have been visiting our wonderful friends Sally and Shabaz, before Eastenders Sally sadly returns to the U.K.

Together we’ve retraced Manjula and my steps during previous holidays, including Manjula’s deep desire 😉 to visit the drive-on-beach.

This morning Sally and I walked along the beaches to visit Rosie and Nazir of Kannur Beach House and share my photos of Manjula.

Rosie, Nazir and their family became good friends after we visited many times.

Manjula and I in Kannur to celebrated our engagement in 2015

Manjula’s look of absolute bliss laying on the beach by Kannur Beach House on that first holiday together.
Our very last trip exactly three years ago, shortly before she died, here we’re catching up with Rosie and Nazir.
with me in many ways

It’s time for a last swim. We return to Mysore tomorrow.

We’ve bonded on this trip after I’d been away for almost three months

We did it, followed by a shared shower, Lucie thinks it was all too much. She waits until carefully positioned next to cascade her water drops on my clothes and bag. Ha bloody ha …

and a final walk before dinner.