My Manjula’s birthday

On the 21st August 2022 it was Manjula’s Birthday.

After we were engaged, in 2015, I worked to ensure all her IDs were in order.

That involved her deciding which of the two dates were her actual birthday. She decided that the 21st August was most likely. That year she switched from previously not recognising her birthday to full on celebration.

Since then we’d always do something special, go out for the day, sometimes for lunch and in the evening have a meal for our friends.

Here’s a video compilation of some of the videos she made for me in the last few years of her life. Thanks to Faizan.

For those who met her you’ll recognise her wonderful character shining through. If you’re one of the many new friends to Manjula you’ll feel her warm, shining love as we all continue to do.

We continue to celebrate since losing her three years ago.

So what did we do this year?

We relaunched our business Manjula’s Mysore (previously that was just our domain name) and its new logo but that doesn’t really count. So what did we do?

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