Factly Fiction?

Magic realism or Fictly Faction

This is a new venture, to create and share works of fiction. Yes, Tall Tales are not limited to our MYCycle Tours. 😉 Here’s the first offerings from June to August 2019

1. Mysore View, an alternative take on the city where we live.

2. Magic Roundabout, a reimagined ending at a music festival in England.

3. Looking for a home.   ….. so who is it about?

4. Forever Together is fictional, as they all are but it’s based on a true story

5 The Phoenix Coup….  ‘life will never be the same again’, meet Maisie and her family and the extraordinary events they face in this five parter.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

6. Another brick in the wall

There’s more tales to follow, soon.

Do please feel free to provide feedback and especially any constructive comments to improve my writing.

Here is a bit of the background.