Fond farewell

It’s the end, my friend.
Lucie, Sowbhaghya, Rhadika, grandmother and Kaveri before we set off
Satish actually takes us in his auto rickshaw.

My new best friend and gang leader (she’s promised that I can join) has returned home today.

She lives in Hinkal over the other side of Mysore. Seen here with her mum and auntie.
I’ll miss her

4 thoughts on “Fond farewell

    • The reason for the summer camp—beyond entertaining Kaveri, having fun and getting to know each other — was to build trust with her mum. That’s also been a success. She’s now back with her mum 30 mins away on far side of Mysore. I’ve been invited over there today for Kaveri’s third birthday celebration. What happens next I’m uncertain. I’ll arrange to visit and she may come back my side to grandmothers but she’s back at school week after this. Going with flow and positioning myself as good guy, guardian angel. 🤔🤭 biggest challenge is mums newish partner who is unfriendly and not good with Kaveri.

    • She’s definitely filled some of the hole and diminished the grief. I’ll develop a new strategy. Bought her a helmet to go on my motorbike.

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