a new direction?


We’ve had a blog for a few years now and while there’s been a fair amount of interest we feel its not necessarily been very focussed (now there’s a surprise, given who’s written it!) and not necessarily too relevant…. thank you to those who do follow us and your helpful feedback.  We’re trying something slightly better as of now, for that read:  The management has instituted a review.

There will be three interwoven (ha ha) threads or broad themes.


Top of the tree will be Manjula’s story.

We’ll start that first with ‘Maid in India’ it’s definitely the one to follow.

Next up will be my take on India and life in this amazing country. So maybe, it might be worth

dipping into (and out of!)42731480-A5D7-4D0D-993F-28592EEDBD5E1

51FEED26-61C2-4E8D-9762-B510F65465D41The third will be Lucie’s view which essentially is the place to find the odds and sods, maybe even the political soap box (she is a dedicated “participant observer’)  and a slightly alternative viewpoint.

We don’t offer a better understanding of anything. We are after all unfathomable people by the very nature of homo sapiens. We are, of course, living in the most wonderful, startling, infuriating, beautiful country full of the most smiley people but whose twists and turns, consistent inconsistencies, joys and horrors creates an overriding paradoxical roller coaster ride.  I hope you’ll find some interesting insights and an entertaining journey. I reckon that you’ll get to know Manjula in a different way and its the connections between the three themes that can provide more insights.

We ask you for your help…..Please do follow us and pass on to friends with an interest in India or those you may wish to punish in some bizarre way. 😉 and equally importantly do give critical feedback: tell us what works and doesn’t, do feel free to provide fresh ideas for content and suggest how we can get it out to more people. Above all please do get involved and create a conversation.

But ultimately don’t get your hopes up!

It’s not really written by Manjula (although I will be delving into transcribed recordings from her made over the last couple of years in Kannada and our own conversations) or by Lucie (she is a dog!)

It’s still written by me.

Yes the man from North England (where’s that? …Yorkshire) who hasn’t quite got the grasp of the English language but who has a wealth of insights stolen from our wonderful guests, the amazing people we meet her in India and frankly anyone else with a half decent idea.

So there you have it, please get involved, watch this space, give feedback so we can learn and improve and pass on to those you think might be interested.

We’ll continue to post on Facebook and our info-insights-tips to help visitors to Mysore have a great time will be on the main site here but the real richness,  if you can call it that, will be on the blog itself.

4 thoughts on “a new direction?

    • Thanks Rob, I do feel that you’re definitely ‘on board’ we’ll have to wait for one of your return trips to see you in person. Or maybe in the UK. Where will you be living? I meant to ask you where do you store your photos? I know you post on Flickr as I do for the MYCycle and mysoreBnB guests but my photos are actually stored on iMac at home. What’s your preferred solution? S

      • My pleasure, Stephen (Steve? Which do you prefer? As for photo storage… PRINT! Create books. I bet you could do ‘annuals’ that your visitors would buy each year. This can be set up (Blurb, for example) so customers can order online and receive on the payment. You set the price. Not sure on the ‘International’ side as regard to India, but Blurb works in many countries. India has it’s own processes (Surprise, Surprise!).
        I still use back ups:
        data portable harddrives becoming cheaper but, certainly in Mumbai, susceptible to humidity and temperature – as I have learned to my cost on several occasions.
        DVD: is more robust, but likely to become redundant sooner, rather than later.
        Cloud – but I am still to be convinced. I use DropBox (Free for limited GB) and iCloud (because I use Mac, and for all it’s idiosyncrasies, it does what I need it to and is, in my experience, reliable, especially when combined with email, changes in hardware (again, heat and humidity is corrosive to anything computer/phone related).
        PRINT!!! Best in my view. Books, prints, posters, etc. And there is something still truly wonderful in ‘handling images’ rather than dealing in ‘1’s and Zero’s’.
        Hope that helps.

  1. thanks Rob very helpful. Im stephen, stephan, steve, stevie, and probably many more, you know what its like in Inja, really don’t mind. i always write Stephen maybe ‘cos my mum told me to… s

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